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I’m Amy Claire and welcome to my blog! 

I have been a writer since I was a teenager, but a story-teller and explorer my whole life.  I love trying new things, which is probably why I have so many hobbies and projects on the go! I wanted to create a blog that captured the complexity of creatives, because guess what? We're all creatives! As well as hopefully inspire people to restore a healthy relationship with food, themselves and their lives. This blog blends together:


  • Recipes that have withstood decades, along with some new favourites and experiments

  • Poetry that has been stitched together from my own experiences in life

  • Other creative projects such a photo-shoots, crafts and DIY

  • Helpful articles to cultivate self-love, foster healthy relationships and live an authentic and creative life.

When I am not writing here, you can find me working on my first novel, hanging out with the love of my life, James, or walking our fur baby Bentley. The place I call home is Cambridge, a small, eclectic town in the bustling Waikato region of New Zealand. Cambridge perfectly infuses the old and new, all amongst a stunning backdrop of graceful trees, glistening lakes, stunning hills and the thriving and forever mysterious, Waikato River. To me it is paradise, and I feel so blessed to live here. 


At the core, this blog is a canvas for creative expression, a recipe box full of goodness, and a friend for you beyond the screen. This is a safe place - a blog of compassion, empowerment and inclusivity. 


So let your mind wander! Get lost in the many rooms of it. Let yourself be inspired, join the conversation, meet like-minded people and those who are different. Above all, celebrate life with me as we choose to write what happens next. 




Amy Claire xx