• Amy Claire

Chicken & Miso Udon Noodle Soup

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

As winter slowly begins to melt into spring, soups are an even more loved meal to come home to after a temperamental day. This Japanese twist on the classic chicken noodle soup is extremely easy to put together but tastes like you’ve been cooking it slowly for hours. Ready in under thirty minutes and packed full of healthy ingredients like Miso Soup (high in vitamins B, E and folic acid) as well as the delicious Enoki mushrooms used widely in Asian cuisines due to their noodle-like texture when cooked and the fact that they contain important minerals such as copper and calcium as well as selenium.

To speed up the cooking of this delicious soup, I used ready cooked, shredded chicken by Tegel and the super versatile Udon Noodles. You can buy these in individual packers from your supermarket and they are basically par-cooked. So when you do add them to the miso broth, they cook in about three minutes. With a dash of ginger, lemon and a healthy serve of carrots, peas and chicken stock, this soup is perfect for fighting the season’s chills. It was a crowd-pleaser in my home and definitely something I would whip up for a large group of guests because all of the ingredients are highly cost-effective.

This soup ticks all the umami flavour boxes- it is very easy to go back for seconds! Bonus: It also freezes very well.


Quick & Healthy Chicken & Miso Udon Noodle Soup

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4-6


1 cup of enoki mushrooms

Three large carrots

1 cup of frozen peas

250g cooked shredded chicken - I used Tegel’s meal maker shredded chicken

1 litre of reduced salt chicken stock

2.5 litres of water

150g of white bean miso soup

Half a leek

Half a spring onion

1 tsp of ginger

1 tsp of garlic

Juice of one lemon

Two packets of Udon noodles

To Garnish:

A handful of coriander

A few handfuls of Enoki mushrooms (available from Countdown)


  1. Bring the chicken stock to the boil while you cut your carrots into crescents and cut your leeks finely

  2. Once the stock is boiling, place carrots, peas, leeks and the ginger and garlic into the liquid and stir

  3. Add one litre of water and stir well, dissolving one tablespoon of the miso paste into the liquid and lower the heat to medium

  4. Continue adding tablespoons of the miso paste bit by bit (stirring till it dissolves), until the stock is very cloudy and you can taste miso. Add or reduce paste to your own liking.

  5. Reduce the stock to a simmer and add the udon noodles, cook for approximately 3-5 minutes

  6. Finally, add the chicken, lemon juice and a bunch of the coriander stirring it all through. Season with pepper if you’d like, but the broth should be salty enough from the miso

  7. Using a ladle, spoon the soup into a large serving bowl - you may need to use tongs to pick up more noodles and veggies

  8. Finally, place fresh enoki mushrooms into the soup, pressing them into the broth to cook slightly before adding a pinch of fresh coriander to each bowl. Serve immediately.



Amy Claire xx